Enjoy these links to selected design articles from this blog:

Design Tip: choose 4 elements
Selecting artwork and hanging pictures: 8 simple rules
Picture placement: examples of picture placement
Take a design risk! (it paid off for me)
Fabric Sourcing
Fabric Sourcing (kids rooms)
Yard Sales
Estate Sales (my drug of choice)
My First Auction (who knew they were so fun!)
Auction finds  

Our First House:
My Living Room inspired by Sarah Richardson from the HGTV show, Sarah's House
The Kitchen  Happily ever after and a alot in between
The Nursery  small room, two babies!
Curb Appeal  front and back yards

DIY Projects and Ideas:

Summer Decorating - beach style
Shadow Boxes 
Updating simple shelves 
Moss and fabric wreath

Craft idea for Dad's 
Organization (part one)
Organization (part deux) 
Updating an old table - using stencils
Faux Console Table 
Removing a swinging door
Painting pumpkins  (for use in a baby shower)
Creating memories (ideas)
Attic re-org (the dreaded project)
Refurbishing chairs 
Easy Wreath for any occasion  
Using an Armoire for Storage  

Valentine's Day decorations  
Christmas Decorations 2013  
Easter tree
Christmas Wreaths 
Easter decorating 2013  (our old house)
Fall Decor 2014