Monday, October 18, 2010


I seem to have one theme on my heart lately - one that just won't go away - I think about it anytime I get still. I think it's triggered by two major things going on right now: the race planning and the fast approaching birth of Charlie.

Last year, while we were planning the first Palmetto Half Marathon, I was in the midst of going through fertility treatments. Planning an inaugural race is stressful as it is but adding to it that you have such varying strong personalities and high hormones, it makes it that much harder. As I reflect back on it, I regret many of my attitudes and how I approached certain situations. I'm thankful that so many people offered me grace and chose to love me regardless of my behavior. I hope they realize how much that has meant to me.

Then I think about 8 years ago when Jake was born. It was such a tough time and such a long healing process. I remember wondering why God would take something away from me that I wanted so badly. Now, as I look back, I realize He had different plans for me and my life. Now, through His grace and His grace alone, He has given me a second marriage and at being a parent.

Grace is not easy to give. We often use it as something that should be earned and not free. But as I reflect back, I realize even more now how much grace God has given me over the years. If I could only learn to give it as freely as He does.

So the next time you get frustrated with someone - think of how much grace God has given you...and still does.