Thursday, February 4, 2010


I don't really watch alot of TV...I have a few shows that I really like like The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy, CSI NY and Castle. Mostly crime dramas. However, there is one show that I absolutely cannot miss - LOST. Is anyone else obsessed like I am wondering who the "others" are or wondering each episode what the heck is going on? I highly encourage you to start at the beginning of the seasons if you haven't seen them. They are a little cooky but go with's really good!

Paintballs and Stella

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stella...Stella Marie if I'm in trouble, which is fairly frequently even though I try really hard. I want to share with everyone this great new candy I discovered called paint balls. Ever heard of them? I hear my dad uses them in a gun to shoot at people and they go "splat" - such a waste if you ask me. My big brother, Jackson, and I have even chased after them when he shoots them in the backyard at a box - although we never seem to catch them.

Anyways, I have FINALLY found where they hide them! Score! It's almost like when my dad finds the hidden cookies or ice cream in the middle of the night that mom hides. I found them in the "man room" in a bucket. I had to really work hard to reach down in the bucket and pull the bag out. But once I got it, I tore a hole in it lickety-split! These paintballs are like yummy little candies but they have this rubbery shell over them that I have to bite through, then the delicious liquid center squirts through. I got in trouble the other day when I found them and ate several. The liquid center sometimes gets all over the floor because it all won't fit in my I bite them and move to the next one. A little messy but delicious! Blue is my favorite but I'm not picky! Try them!

~Stella, The Pug

P.S. my mom wishes she had taken a picture of me when my face was covered in blue streaks but I escaped her!