Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nursery artwork

So as some of you may know, when I lived in Raleigh I used to paint children's furniture. Through word of mouth, I would do pieces for various people (but mostly for friends or as gifts). I was just starting to gain a little momentum and then life hit and I eventually moved away. It is still something I love to do but just haven't focused on it...until now when I needed my own!

Not long ago I was searching for artwork for the nursery and found some really cute pieces but they were SO expensive! I decided I could paint them just as well so I took a few snap shots for inspiration and went to town. Below are the results...what do you think?

And yes! I'm still painting so if you know of anyone who would like some custom artwork for themselves or as a gift, please let me know. Will ship (but not furniture)! The ones below are all on basic canvases and easy to hang with a ribbon (which I can attach) or by a nail in the back.