Meet the cast

About Me
I'm Anna, a forty something gal - proud momma to Charlie and Cole - and married to a loving husband, Daniel, since 2006. I am originally from a small town outside of Raleigh, NC (Zebulon) where I grew up on a farm. I work as an Executive Recruiter for a small Executive Search Firm. This may be what I do to pay the bills but it's design that allows me to use my creativity. Whether it's rooms, arts, crafts, fashion, etc. this is what gives me energy. I especially love making old things new again. I also happen to love to cook. God has blessed me beyond belief and this little blog helps me chronicle those adventures. 

About the Hubbie
Daniel is originally from Columbia, SC. You wouldn't know it from looking at him but he's half Cuban. He speaks fluent Spanish which contributes to his fast speech that I like to tease him about. He loves exercise and teaching people how to exercise so he works as a strength coach. He also attended CIU for his MDiv (Masters in Divinity). He doesn't have a calling to be a pastor but uses his education and gift of teaching to spread the news of Jesus. He's a great father and a great leader for our family. 

Our Children

Cole and Charlie

Our 4-legged kids

crazy Stella

Stella. She's usually found buried in her dog bed snoring. She lives for food and has never let us miss her meal time. Speaking of meal-time, she's high maintenance. She's allergic to any type of grain and has to eat special food which is potato or sweet potato based instead of corn or flour. She also goes by "STELLA!" (yelled at the top of your lungs)

We also have 2 other puppies we rescued. They will be the death of me, I'm convinced of it. 

Izzy - a shepherd mix 
Bowman - a lab mix (and I use that definition loosely!)

They both are wide open, constantly in to trouble and single handedly destroyed our back yard along with a slew of kid's toys.