Welcome to Schrallville. That's what we've named our new little house. Well actually our realtor/contractor named it but we thought it was cute so it stuck.

Here's how it all got started...and a few before pictures. You can also search this blog using the key word "renovation" to see all our posts.

And our list of planned renovations can be found here along with a few things I learned from moving.

Below is a list of posts related to the initial renovation week by week...after all we have to be in by Sept 14! 

Week 1 - roof and de-foresting

Week 2 - wallpaper, structure and blinds, oh my!

Week 3, 4 & 5 - cabinets, laundry closet and snow

Week 6 - details, details, details

Week 7 - Floors

Our Continued Progress
I'm a big kid now! (converting the guest room to Charlie's room)
Cole's Room   (updating bunk beds)
Room for more  (how I updated my small closet)
From Good to Great (Living Room Update)
Birds, Down Pillows and Alcohol (another Living Room Update)

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