Friday, April 8, 2016

Creating a thrifter

I went MIA and then posted about starting Whole30 only to learn that I was pregnant 10 days later. I'll fast forward and basically say, it's been a rough few months and blogging was not on my mind. After another miscarriage, I've spent some time recovering, both physically and mentally. 

What do I do when I'm feeling down? I sometimes do a house project. This time, I chose to take Charlie along since he wanted to go by Brueggars first. So a plain bagel and chocolate milk in hand, we went to a few places looking for a drop leaf table. 

It was going in this corner - 

The table we were using is too small and dinky for the corner. It just looked odd.  So off we went. 

Here's about how it went...we stopped by the first store and Charlie says "where are we!?" I explained and we went in and breezed through. He wasn't impressed (and neither was I). 

So we head up the road to a new consignment store and Charlie says "mom!? another one? You seriously have a problem!" 

Yes, yes I do, son. 

When we got inside he said "mom, this is like someone's house!" I told him that just like he likes to go to Target to look at toys, mommy likes to go to stores like this. It's my version of a toy store. He totally got it. In fact, he got it so much that he wanted to buy some things! 

I found exactly what I was looking for and it was only $85! For those with great eyes for restoration, it just needed a little love. For those who do not have that same eye (uh hmm, Daniel), it belonged in the junk pile. I believe his words were "what is that ugly scratched up table doing in the driveway?" 

 Nothing a little wiping down with my new favorite wood product couldn't fix! 

It's really this simple...take a piece of cheese cloth or other soft rag and wipe it down then let dry. I also wiped it down again with a dry cloth to get any excess off. 

Look at how easy it went on and how one swipe made magic. (left side was done)

So after a quick coat the table was completely restored to a pretty shiny finish and the scratches were wiped out. 

I think it took me a whopping 10 minutes! And look how much better the table looks. No more scratches!  The corner looks so much better now with a larger table. 

I of course have already changed the chair for another one but that's for another update. 

Just remember - you can find such great pieces of furniture at thrift and consignment stores! They tend to be pieces with more character and only need a little love to make them perfect for your space. 

Now go find yourself a fixer upper!