Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A new living room...

I don't know if you've ever watched the show "Sarah's House" but Sarah Richardson, from Canada, is my favorite designer on HGTV. I watch and record her show religiously and love to watch them over and over. A few months ago I put up valances in my living room because my husband refused to have curtains. He considers them dust collectors. I lived with them for a while but they never seemed quite right. I've decided I'm not a valance girl unless it's in a kitchen or on a small window. I also decided not to listen to my husband's opinion when it comes to decorating.

Anywhoozle, while watching Sarah's House, I was inspired by an episode where she redesigned a new bedroom in the country house. She mentioned that if you had a fabric you loved but it would be too much to have as panels you could put strips of it on either side of a neutral fabric to lessen the impact. I realized it was the perfect solution to my living room since we have so many windows. I started with a fabric I found on discount (see big pillows on couch) and then matched fabrics from there to devise my color scheme for the room.

So per my friend Melissa's request, I'm posting pictures. I made the curtains (thanks Jenny T for the sewing lessons!), painted the living room a warm khaki, recovered the wooden couch and made some new pillows. I think it is perfect for the room and really helped make everything seem warm and cozy but still allowing plenty of light in the room.

On a side note, this room led to me painting the hallway, redecorating the MBR and guest/man room as well. The nursery is well under way and pics of that will follow soon. I'm currently finding creative ways to make art work for the walls. I've already refurbished almost all the nursery furniture, another inspiration from Sarah.

So be inspired! Find a show, a designer, a cool fabric or fun pictures and let your imagination take over to pull it all together!

Happy decorating!

P.S. you can also play "Where's Stella and Jackson" (like "Where's Waldo") in these pictures :)