Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 Goals

It's mid-January in 2011 and while I don't believe in new year resolutions, I do believe in goals. My friend, Melissa, posted her 2011 goals on her blog not long ago and I have to say, she inspired me. Since reading her goals, I thought, I should set mine and post them so I can hold myself accountable and everyone else can too. So here they go:

1. To have our family debt free (other than the mortgage). We've met with a financial advisor and it's easily doable as long as we stay on target. 

2. This one is two parts a) To have a consistent quiet time b) read my bible.  And by consistent I don't mean never or once in a blue moon. I mean actually sitting still and dedicating time each day for Him. Our Pastor has been stepping all over my toes lately in his messages and it is abundantly clear I'm just mediocre when it comes to my Christian walk. 

3. To be more thoughtful. And not just in the giving gifts or doing things for others but by remembering birthdays, important events, sending little cards and thank you's. So many people have done that for me and it always means so much. I don't want to be so consumed in my own life that I forget to support others. 

4. To lose the baby weight, preferably by June but I'll take the end of the year if it takes that (PLEASE don't let it take that long!)

5. To market Pepper Pots Designs and gain additional painting business. Ideally, I'd like to have a consistent $50/month in profit to start. Know anyone who would be interested in a cute gift? 

6. Cook more with vegetable purees. I've started and featured a few of those on this blog but I want to figure out how to incorporate them into more of my own recipes. 

So that's it! I think those are pretty doable but they seem a little scary when I actually write them down. Something about writing and publishing your goals make them a bit more real. 

Do you set goals? What is the one goal this year you are most nervous about achieving this year? I'd love to hear about it! 

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