Friday, July 20, 2012

I love all things fabric (take 2 boys and girls)

This is part 2 of my fabric sourcing spree this week. This one is dedicated to all you mommies trying to find an idea for your nursery or kid's bedroom. It's more specific for the girls but only because I ran out of time. I hope it will show you how not everything has to be traditional colors.

Let's start with the boys...

As you know from my boy's room, I don't tend to flock to the traditional or themed rooms. And my friend, Melissa, bucked tradition as well (you can see her room here). And there are other examples here.



bed skirt

So when I found this fabric I just had to take a snapshot. How cute would this be for a nursery and boy's room!? The colors are perfect and you could do so many things with it in terms of pallet. I just absolutely love it. I've already designed 4 rooms in my head just from this one fabric.

Now to the girls...

Option #1 started with this adorable pattern. So cute for had so many fun colors. Picture the walls a pretty mint green (light - maybe 4 shades lighter than the tree trunk) then pops of pinks and purples in the room. Adorable.

Option #2 has a mixture of fabric that could all started with this adorable doggie fabric. I incorporated some other fun fabrics with similar color schemes to have lots of fun color and texture. I would suggest the walls in a soft blue color. I know, against the typical girly color scheme with blue walls but it would balance out the pinks and greens in the fabric.

Option #3 is similar in color scheme as Option #2 but with a different fabric and a different wall color. Picture a fun light green wall with this set.

Option #4 and another one of my favorites stems from this fun owl fabric.

Seriously, how cute are those little guys? And they'd look so good with these fabrics mixed in the room...

In fact, if you go back through the girl options, you'll see that some of the fabrics would work with any of the options. Maybe my subconscious was trying to tell me something.

As you can tell, I ran out of time in coordinating the boy's rooms. Maybe I'll have to make another trip for a post about those.

If you happen to be having a baby and want to veer off the beaten path when it comes to color choices but don't know where to start - let me know! I would love to develop some ideas for you to consider.

Anyone else created a kid's room that's unique?

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