Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blue...oh so blue

Well that's what I was going for at least when I first decided blue should be the color of our bedroom when we first moved in. You may not know this but my mom and grandmother L-O-V-E(d) the color blue. I missed that gene. I like blue, just don't love it like they do. I am more in to the oranges, naturals and greens. However, I do admit that I have always loved blue in a bedroom so when we moved in to our house 4 years ago, I thought it was the perfect time to go blue.

To set the the stage so-to-speak, I envisioned a light, airy bedroom with pretty shades of blue in the royal blue family. No other color necessary, just shades of blue mixed with some white airy curtains - you know fun and uplifting in shades of blue.

What I got...hodge-podge blues that left you squinting instead of soothed.

Here's where we started - bland and boring:

And here is us in action...well I seemed to be taking a little break but I did work. Promise.

I really did paint that day...I just needed a little rest break

And here's how it first turned out. Not bad but not really what I was going for either. The blues were too bright and it was more screaming "WAKE UP!!" instead of "Ahhh...peaceful serenity".

So we lived in the WAKE UP blue bedroom for a while. I added curtains that were floral in nature with blue hydrageas in the pattern (Daniel hated them) to see if it softened the room up...but no dice. Too bad I don't have a picture of them. I still have them despite the fact Daniel wanted to burn them when I took them down.

When I started nesting while I was pregnant with Charlie, I decided not only were we going to paint the living room, hallway, new nursery and guest room but why not tackle the bedroom as well? Pretty much every room but the kitchen and bathroom. I mean I really went on a super re-decorating spree. Here is what I finally landed on in the bedroom and now it's much more "ahhh, blue serenity" than "WAKE UP SUCKA!"

I was super stoked when we were re-decorating when I found the comforter at Target (i.e. cheap). It has a very subtle, classic print that is mostly khaki but has touches of blue as well. In my opinion, the room is not completely done. There's all kinds of finishing touches I could add or tweak but I'm not willing to spend the money on them. Maybe in a new house when we have more space but for now, this is finally the softer, blue serenity-ish room I was going for originally.

So remember, if first you don't succeed - try, try, try again - but hopefully third time is the charm!

Do you have a pretty blue room? If so, send me pictures! Maybe I'll be inspired again if we ever move to a new home.

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