Monday, June 24, 2013

Packing is Dangerous

Packing. That's all we seemed to do this weekend. Packing and more packing. But we are committed to having almost all of the house packed so that we can leave for vacation on Friday. We know when we get back we will only have a week to get completely moved out of the house and we still have to pack and move all the things we'll need for the 2 month interim.


Anyway, after tackling the attic and the remainder of the house inside on Saturday, I opted to start working on the shed late Saturday afternoon. I figured if I could spend a couple of hours on it, then I could get the majority of what we were taking with us done (we are leaving the yard equipment since we'll still be maintaining this house's yard while the renters are here). Daniel was inside getting a bite to eat and Charlie and Cole were excited they get to go in the shed where the "mo-mo" lives. They aren't usually allowed in there without one of us. Two boys + sharp objects + chemicals = nothing good.

I'm casually packing up my various cans of spray paint and other painting items I'm taking with me. I'm feeling OK given that I'm terrified of spiders. Bugs - check. Snakes - check. Spiders - I run for the hills. There are a few very small ones in the corners but they were tiny and I could tolerate ignore those. Cole couldn't. He was poking at the webs the entire time. And then...

A giant man-eating spider attacked me. OK. Not really but it sure did seem like it wanted to! I went to pull a can of spray paint off the shelf and my fingers went in to a thick, sticky web. I'm getting the heebie jeebies just typing this. I pull the can of paint down and there is a GIANT black spider behind it. It's a good thing that Charlie was outside standing at the door and Cole was close to him because I proceeded to throw the entire box of paint down and scream hysterically while jumping up and down. The spider didn't move but I sure did.

Charlie: "momma what happened!?"
Me: "a spider scared me"

So after both children looked at me like I had lost my mind I decided I MUST BE STRONG FOR THE CHILDREN. I found an old shoe and prayed that there were no spiders in or on it while I picked it up because if there were it was going to be every man child for himself! (and yes, I very likely would have trampled my children trying to run away. Not proud. Just honest.) Thankfully no spiders were present so the GIANT spider was squashed with said shoe. Seriously it never moved.

Looking back I'm pretty sure it was a black widow. Ugh. Heebie Jeebies.

I promptly quit any and all packing for the day and proceeded to get a libation to calm my nerves. Packing is dangerous business.

Two days later this is still the conversation in our house...

Charlie: "mommy that spider in shed scare you?"
Me: "yes, that spider really scared me"
Charlie: "mommy you squish it?"
Me: "yes, I squished it and killed it" (thank goodness)
Me: "what did mommy do when the spider scared her?"
Charlie: "mommy, you go aaaahhhh!" (as he opens his eyes big and raises his hands yelling - makes me chuckle every time)

Yep. Still a topic of conversation and yep, I'm still traumatized.

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