Sunday, September 11, 2011

Survey says...

Remember that old game show The Family Feud where the host always said "survey says..."? Well this is a survey folks. But first a little history...

For a while now, I've wanted to put curtains up in our kitchen. I don't know why. We only have one small window over the sink but I feel like naked windows make a room look incomplete. There is one exception which is Daniel's man-room where he refuses to let me put any type of window treatment other than the blinds. Men.

Anywhoozle, I have been helping someone decorate their office building, which is an old house in 5-points. When I was fabric sourcing - one of my favorite things to do by the way - I fell in love with the colors in this fabric. I didn't buy it immediately but I kept thinking about it. (Daniel was with me so that doesn't usually go over very well, especially when we're about to have a baby and I try to take on yet another house project. And no, he didn't know he was "fabric sourcing" when he agreed to drive me out to the store during our errands). I kept wondering, how can I use this in my house? Can I convince Daniel to let me build a headboard and have it covered with it and re-do the bedroom? Probably not. Are there ANY other rooms in the house I could use it in? Finally it hit me that this would match the kitchen perfectly. So when I went back to buy additional fabric for the office project, I bought a yard. Oh and by the way, I also found another fabric I loved for new curtains for our bedroom. More on that later.

So on Labor Day, when Daniel got home from work and little Peanut went down for a nap, despite my hideously swollen and tired feet, I decided to put them together. I think design and decorating are calming to me. Well that and the fact I'm nesting. I cheated this time and used the iron on tape instead of pulling out my trusty sewing machine. I did line them since it's a bright window but didn't have the patience for the sewer. Now if I were a good blogger, I would have showed you step by step how to tackle the project. But lets face it. I'm 9 months pregnant and didn't really feel like chronicling every detail. So sorry. You can email me and I'll send you instructions if you want to tackle something similar.

I put them up this week and I'm not so sure. I love them at night and so does Daniel. But during the day they look a little dark. I'm not sure if it's that we aren't used to blocking part of the window so it's a shock or if it's just not the right fabric for the space. I have to admit the pictures turned out better than I expected and they look even better at night which leans me to the other side of the coin. Maybe we are just not used to blocking part of the window and it was a shock. And another side note - it appears the oranges don't really match but that's just the picture. In reality they match great.

Here's where you come in. I need you to give us your honest feedback - keep or try again? And if I try again, what about these doesn't work? Or should I go with a valance instead of the cafe style? Or lose curtains all together? Or do you like them and think they work great in the space?

So please weigh in with your comments!! All suggestions welcome. We're still deciding and agreed to keep them up for a few weeks and see if they grow on us.  


  1. I personally looooove them! The only curtains in my house are my shower curtains because I have no talent for designing anything!I personally looooove them! The only curtains in my house are my shower curtains because I have no talent for designing anything!

  2. Anna, they are darling. I can see why you love the fabric - makes me happy. You can't go wrong with these. The only suggestion for improvement would be to take the curtains all the way to the top of the wall & frame the window. Just my $.02!

  3. Well! I asked opinions here at work and we all agree they look quite nice! Love the fabric. You may just be having a hard time getting used to having curtains after it being open. You have enough "white" stuff around that I don't think you have to worry that it is too "dark".

  4. I love everything about these curtains! Survey says: don't change a thing!

    Can't wait to "meet" Cole!!!