Wednesday, December 15, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...mommy style

Of course when you are having a baby everyone has their favorite things that worked for their kids. However no one told me about these three things that I now can't live without.

1. Kiddopotamus Snuzzler - Charlie likes to be snuggled and won't sleep any other way. For a while he would only sleep in our arms. I put this in his carrier and he sleeps like a champ in it! It snuggles him and keeps him snug with the soft sides. Plus it helps keep him warm and cozy when we go out in the cold. They make a warm one (pictured here) and a summer one (the one I have). OK technically my friend Jaime told me about this and let me borrow hers but I forgot about it until our neighbors gave us one after Charlie was born.

Kiddopotamus Snuzzler Complete Head and Body Support

2. The Moby - I saw someone in one of our local boutiques with her 7 week old wrapped and strapped on her front. I thought that Charlie may like it since at that time, he only wanted to be held and snuggled tight. Not very conducive to mommy getting anything done! Once I figured out how to tie it, he LOVES it! I can take both dogs for walks, cook, clean the house, etc all while he's happily strapped to me. There are tons of ways to use this too. Whenever Charlie gets cranky, I strap him in and he settles right down. In fact, when he was younger, it was sometimes the only way I could get him to sleep (strap him in and walk).

Moby Wrap MW-black Moby Original Wrap in Black

3. Wubbanub Pacifier - Charlie only likes the Soothie pacifiers, which is what the hospital gave us and what my pediatrician recommends. However, he constantly lets it drop out of his mouth and he gets frustrated. Usually I just hold it in for him but that can also get tiring in the middle of the night or if you are busy with something else (like making dinner). However, I just found these and he loves it! It gives him something to hold on to but the animal part is big enough to help hold it in his mouth. The first time I gave it to him, he sat and happily sucked on the paci while touching and rubbing on the stuffed animal until he fell asleep (they come in a variety of choices - we have the red dog and the giraffe).

So these are a few of my favorite things. They make great unique gifts if you know anyone having a baby soon!


Happy Momma

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