Saturday, November 6, 2010

Time flies!

As I lay on the couch on a chilly Saturday morning with Charlie sleeping in my arms, I can't believe Charlie is already 2 weeks old. Some days it seems like we just came home from the hospital and other days it seems he's been a part of our lives for years. Time is flying by and it's only been two weeks!

We are slowly settling in to our new routine here in the Schrall house. Charlie is shaping up to be more and more like his daddy - if he's hungry, don't stand in his way. He will be SURE to tell you he is ready to eat by chirping like a little bird. He also eats REALLY fast and over eats sometimes which is why he is spitting up more now. Does that sound like someone we know???? I may have my work cut out for me in teaching both Daddy and Charlie how to enjoy their food and not inhale it. :)

We went for our 2 week check up yesterday and he is perfectly healthy. He managed to gain almost a full pound in 2 weeks, which is great (told you he's not missing any meals!). He's officially above his birth weight now and seems to be right on track. Next visit, shots! :(

He still doesn't like to sleep in his crib or bassinet. Sometimes he will during the day if I can get him very tired and soundly asleep first. At night he seems to prefer the warm arms of mommy to the crib or bassinet. For survival sake, I have let him but know that we need to work on making the transition. I freely admit that I like holding him, which contributes to both of us sleeping on the couch alot. I know he won't want to be held forever and since I never got to really hold Jake, my first son, holding Charlie is very special to me. So for now, we make it work and we will make the transition eventually. Until then, I enjoy every moment I have him in my arms.

While I know parenting is super hard and has all kinds of unique challenges, I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Love you Charlie (and your cute daddy too!)

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