Sunday, January 17, 2010

My first blog...

I decided almost 4 months ago to start a blog and true to form, I finally got around to doing it. Maybe it was the desire to write down all my quirky stories about my life or perhaps I was inspired by the movie Julie & Julia - nevertheless, here we are! Of course on the day that I decide to start my blog, I have writer's block. Maybe I'll start by sharing with you about my most recent house project...mandated by my husband, Daniel.

I love to decorate my house for Christmas. What am I saying, I love to decorate period. The house was wonderfully festive for the holiday season but then Christmas came and went and it was time to take it down. Daniel was not happy and made me leave it up until after New Year's (a big no-no in my book!) When I finally took it down, he was horribly distraught because he said our house was way too bland. Nevermind our living room is green with orange accents and our kitchen has pumpkin colored walls (is that not color?) He gave me an ultimatum - either add color or he would. Now for those of you who know Daniel, leaving him on his own would not be good! We'd have every color known to man in our room!

So over the past two weeks I've managed to add a brick colored rug, valances to the living room windows (miraculously found at Lowe's), newly framed water colors of Paris I've had for 5yrs, a new floor lamp and a cool new fern in a pretty pot to spruce up our living room. Pictures will follow soon...


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  1. I've seen photos of your house and even before Christmas, it was definitely not drab! However, your new additions sound lovely. Post new photos soon - looking forward to "borrowing" some of your ideas for my house.

    And welcome to the blogosphere! :)