Sunday, January 31, 2010

What a week!

So I finally had a few minutes to sit down and chronicle my past 7 days...boy has it been a doozy! Monday started with a doctor's appt that ran late - not a big deal but it just meant I had to make some time up at work. They had me start on some different meds for my PCOS which has wreaked havoc on my system and stomach, not to mention that it apparently affects my restless legs. I now take tylenol pm every night.

By Thursday morning, after 2 nights of restless legs, poor nutrition and meetings for church, I manage to make it out to my car so I'll actually be to work on time. (a miracle in itself!) I noticed that my glove compartment was open...hmm...odd...then I look around and in my mind think "I think someone went through your car last night" but I couldn't really process it so I kept on with my normal routine. I get a block down the road and my alarm goes off that the back hatch is open. Then it FINALLY registers...someone DID go through my car! Apparently someone broke into my car (well it was unlocked) in my driveway. They took everything out of all the compartments then took a box of race shirts and posters, packed random items from the floor board and put it across the street. The only thing they took was my drivers license, which is probably in the bushes somewhere. Nevertheless, I had to go get a new license and I now lock my car doors in my driveway.

So that was my Thursday...then Friday hit. Friday was payday. Yippee! Until I couldn't log on. I patiently wait for 25 minutes on hold with Wachovia customer service to find out why. Turns out, I was part of a phishing scam. I received an email earlier in the week from Wachovia said that I had been compromised and to click on the link to check my accounts. Looked leggit so I clicked the link. The hacker could then follow my key strokes and get into my accounts. Fortunately, nothing was taken and Wachovia shut my accounts down before they could get in to them. However, I have to open all new accounts, new debit cards, new online access, change all my direct deposits, autodrafts, etc. What a pain!

So, what's the lesson? Lock your car doors always and never click on any links that ask you to verify any accounts (bank, email or otherwise!)

What's the blessing? We didn't hear the burgler so Daniel didn't go chasing after them with me following...who knows what would have happened! Nothing was stolen and no money was taken out of my accounts. It could be worse! All in all, it was just a pain.

Let's hope this week brings better tidings than last! I think I have had my fill for a while!

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  1. UGH, what a week! Thank goodness you didn't lose more! And thanks for the reminder not to click on those links...