Sunday, March 28, 2010

Month 2...done!

Well, for those of you following that don't know...I'm pregnant! :) We went through some fertility treatments at the end of January and by God's grace it happened the first time for us. Currently I'm a little over 9 weeks. It's still early but so far so good. A few random thoughts:

I am extremely shocked at how fast I out-grew my pants this time. Technically this is my 3rd pregnancy (but our first child together) and my poor pants buttons get further and further apart by the day. Jaime may be right, I may be in maternity clothes shortly after my first trimester! YIKES! But can I just say at how much I love the clothes in Ann Taylor Loft this season? All flowy and long - perfect for a newly prego who doesn't want to go into maternity clothes yet. I have plenty of room in them to last hopefully till at least mid-summer.

While I have been nauseous morning, noon and night...water gives me heartburn along with most everything else...I have the nose of a bloodhound (not good in a public restroom by the way)...I live to sleep on the weekends...and maybe just a LITTLE (and by little I mean alot) moody - it's still an unbelievable blessing. I'm very thankful God chose to bless us on our first try.

Daniel has been so supportive, even though he has no idea why I dry heave at random times or why it's triggered. Glad he wasn't in the Publix parking lot yesterday when everyone was staring as I was doubled over! He even got up at 4:30am the other morning and got me cranberry juice from the grocery store when I got a bladder infection. He's going to be a good daddy.

My friend, Missey, is 2 days behind me so we talk at least once a week comparing our sad little symptoms. We pretty much mirror each other so it's sort've comical.

Well, that's my only update this week. Maybe I can write more when I stop sleeping so much!



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