Monday, October 7, 2013

Party for 2...and 3

Amongst all the chaos of moving and settling in - and it was chaos - I also planned the boy's birthday party.

Yes. I'm crazy. I admit I put too much on my plate at one time. But who doesn't want to do something fun for these two cuties?

We actually set the date back in July when we knew the football schedule. I wanted to have my parents come and knew I needed to work it around any NC State home games. So with the date set (in between their actual birthdays) off went the planning. At the last minute. What? I was busy people!

How does one plan a joint birthday party for a 2 and 3 year old when said mother is stressed and busy and on the verge of a nervous breakdown? She texts a BFF. Specifically my friend Jaime Weathersby. It went something like this:

"Boys want robot birthday party. Need party favors. Go."

Thankfully I hit her at an I'm-unmotivated-to-work-at-my-real-job moment so she promptly pinned me several ideas. Those said pins also led me to other ideas. I had already ordered their invitations before we moved so I had plenty of time to address them. In hindsight I've already realized I forgot a few people on that invitation list (which was lost in the move). If you are one of them I'M SO SORRY!

Anyway, back to party favors. Did you know that NO ONE. I mean no one, makes or has anything truly robot? I checked. I scoured. I dug, people. Nothing. So on went the creative thinking cap. I made this from an idea on Pinterest:

It's a cute little candy robot with chalk as his body. Someone also said you could use a slinky or anything that really has the right size. I just used hot glue to put it all together and bought some googly eyes at Hobby Lobby. I thin it took less than 1 hr to make 9 in assembly style fashion.

This little guy went in a small metal tin I bought on clearance at Target last year for just such occasions. After all, who knows when you might need 9 cute kid tins at random. In addition to the robot, there were robot crayons from (and for a good cause), robot suckers (also from Etsy) and robot tattoos (AKA ironman - they never knew the difference - from Party City). For the little kids, they got regular suckers and bubbles instead of tattoos.

You have no idea how much online shopping saves me. All. the. time.

The venue was very easy - a local park where the kids would be self entertained. I also made a point to make it in the morning (10-11:30a) when I knew it would be cooler and let's face it, we parents still had some energy.

It also meant that decorating was a snap. A simple table cloth, two balloons and a few bouncy balls to kick around...and we're done people. That's a wrap.

What's funny is that in this shot there are no kids. None. Not just for our party but for the park. 10 minutes later there were 2 other birthday parties and what seemed like thousands hundreds of kids. Pays to be early.

I kept the food simple:
  1. Nuts and bolts (chex mix)
  2. Memory cells (chik fil a nuggets)
  3. Battery cells (grapes and apples)
  4. Motor oil (juice boxes)
I wish I had made more time to create cuter labels for the food but alas, I'm not Father Time. And apparently my request for more hours in a day has been denied.

The boys had a great time and were so excited to see "their birthday party" ...and the cake. Oh the cake. Oh how that birthday cake almost sent me over the edge. Once again, nobody makes robot  themed cakes. Finally I found (after much searching at various stores) three small "robots." Thank heaven for Star Wars. I had Publix make a cake with a transformer background and then I stuck on the robots (C3P0 and R2D2). Kids loved it!

As you can see, we had a little issue keeping the boys out of the cake prior to blowing out the candles. Obviously judging by Cole's mouth and fingers we were less than successful in our quest to keep him out.

Oh and once again I used a transformer theme for robots in the napkins and plates. They looked like big robots and Charlie loved them.

And fun was had by one and all!

The timing couldn't have been more perfect. And after all the play we went home and opened some presents...

And then of course we had to unwind with a little snuggle time from Nana and Pop-E...

A fun robot birthday party weekend with the family!

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